“MILLER TIME AT NYC’S LOFT  (12-24-18)— I’ve seen Robert Miller’s Project Grand Slam a number of times, but last week’s show at The Loft at City Winery was unquestionably the best. The ensemble has jelled to just a deliciously good degree and lead singer Ziarra Washington’s vocals were better than ever. The band covered material from all of their albums, including a riveting “Gorilla,” the beautiful “Lament” and the rollicking “The Queen’s Carnival.”

Also, Miller’s reimagined cover versions – always chosen with exquisite care - were sensational: ”I Can’t Explain” from The Who and “Free” from Phish; which was phenomenally stirring this night. There was also a great surprise: Dobie Gray’s 1964 song “The In Crowd,” which Washington nailed perfectly with her vocal. What a great choice; another winner from Miller.

Miller and company ruled the jazz charts this summer as their last release, Trippin’, ascended to the #1 spot on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Chart. Heady times indeed. This was just an astounding show against an SRO house. Bravo!”