PGS 7 (2019)

  1. Yeah Yeah

  2. Redemption Road

  3. Take Me

  4. At Midnight

  5. Python

  6. Get Out!

  7. With You

  8. No One’s Fool

  9. The ‘In’ Crowd

  10. Torpedo of Love

  11. I Don’t Know Why

  12. Funk Latino

  13. Bonus Track: Tree of Life

“Album Of The Year!”




“Sublimely talented musical wizards!”

“A Must-Listen!”

“One of the best albums of 2019!”

“A top pick of the year!”

“A symphony of soul from one track to the next!”

“PGS’s most poignant statement ever!”

“A soulful songbook for the ages!”

“A melting pot of melodies!”

“Undisputedly one of the best releases of the spring!”

PGS-Greetings From Serbia.jpg

Greetings From Serbia (2019)

(Recorded “Live” at the 2018 Nisville Jazz Festival)

  1. You Started Something

  2. 1972

  3. I'm So Glad

  4. Lament

  5. No No No

  6. Free

  7. Gorilla

  8. I Can't Explain

  9. The Queen's Carnival

  10. Fire

Greetings From Serbia is engaged listening on steroids… a postcard from beyond the realm of pop predictability…a massive achievement.” (IndieMusicReview)

Greetings from Serbia is an exhibition in creative chemistry……Bold, beautiful and evocative… another huge win for Project Grand Slam and Robert Miller.” (TheMusic.Reviews)

“PGS’s brand of musical excellence translates across any border.” (Indiemusicreviews)

“This is music that celebrates life, creativity, and community…You can’t go wrong.” (IndieShark)

Greetings from Serbia offers listeners an important aural reminder of where a band truly exists – on the stage.” (MusicExistence)

“An amazingly magnetizing piece of music.” (Skopemag)

“This record didn’t live up to any of my expectations – it exceeded them by a healthy mile or so.” (Mobangeles)

 “So many high points…this record is exactly what 2019 needs to get off on the right foot.” (IndiePulseMusic)

“Stands out as a watershed record.” (TheIndieSource)

“Project Grand Slam is life affirming, celebratory, and Greetings from Serbia will begin the band’s 2019 on quite a high point.” (GashouseRadio)

“Stimulates your soul.” (NeuFutur)

“A magnificent profile of the Miller-fronted vehicle’s unique sound.” (Vents Magazine)

“Chronicles Project Grand Slam’s creativity in a manner befitting their stellar reputation.” (Too Much Love Magazine)

“Gets an inspired reaction with every listen it’s afforded.” (IndieBandGuru)

“Project Grand Slam’s greatest work yet…Solidifies PGS as perhaps the most endearing and evocative band in all of contemporary fusion.” (Independent Music and Arts)

“An “A” rating” (Digital Journal)

Trippin' (2018)

  1. 1972

  2. You Started Something

  3. Lament

  4. No No No

  5. Trippin'

  6. Country Drive

  7. March of the Diplomats

  8. I Can't Explain

  9. Everyone Swears

  10. Ride 'em High

  11. Cousins

“Trippin’ Named a “Best Of 2018” (The Improper)

"'Trippin' promises to be one of the most talked about albums of 2018...I have no doubt that it's going to be the biggest jazz release of the latter half of the 2010s.” (Skope Mag)

"Trippin' is already garnering enough praise to make it a major contender in the race for album of the year...this is unquestionably the band to watch as we enter the 2020s.” (TheIndieSource)

"A truly amazing album.” (Jonathan Widran)

“Musicianship beyond reproach. 5/5 Stars.” (Keith 'MuzikMan' Hannaleck)

"A soulful experience you don't wanna miss...a noble effort.” (Smooth Jazz Magazine)

"Thank god for what Project Grand Slam is doing in music right now.” (Independent Music and Arts)

"Robert Miller has cultivated an awe inspiring ensemble sound that combines classic fusion, funk, rock and Latin.” (Jazz Quad)

“Bassist Robert Miller and Project Grand Slam are among the best musical acts working in the United States today.” (NoDepression)

"In the song 'Lament', one of the biggest highlights from Trippin', Ziarra Washington delivers the most awe inspiring set of vocals this side of the 20th Century amid a jazz composition from Robert Miller that has got to be one of the most creatively designed that I've ever had the chance to review...The future is now and Project Grand Slam appear to be at the forefront of it.” (GashouseRadio

 - "'Lament' isn't a traditional love song in nature, but more of an elegy for love and the hearts that it victimizes indiscriminately. Nevertheless, this is one of the most infectious love songs I've heard in a long time."  (NoDepression

 "'Lament' is a brooding and reflective jazz ballad from the mind of Robert Miller and executed under the most precise, glowing production of 2018...There's something really special about Trippin' and 'Lament' in particular that sets this project apart from any of its major contemporaries in the jazz or pop music scenes."  (MobAngeles


The PGS Experience (2017)

  1. Metro Shuffle
    (feat. Mindi Abair)

  2. Free

  3. Fishin'
    (feat. Mindi Abair)

  4. Hollywood

  5. I'm So Glad

  6. Gorilla (Live)

  7. You Really Got Me (Live)

  8. The Queen's Carnival (Live)

  9. Fire (Live)

"A 'must know about' album!" (Jazziz Magazine)

“Fresh, diverse and full of energy!...Man, they just kill it live!” (Keith “Muzikman” Hannaleck)

”Fast and furious funk, infectious melodies and spirited jams!" (Jonathan Widran)

"Hold on to your seats...this album exudes excitement!" (Smooth Jazz Magazine)

"Jazz fusion at its best!" (BVS Reviews)

"A uniquely passionate take on jazz fusion that demonstrates the band's love for their art!" (1 In Music)

"Excellent...the fusion absolutely cooks with great solos and stellar musicianship!" (4/4 stars) (Sea Of Tranquility

"I take my hat off to the creative aspirations of Robert Miller...'The PGS Experience' will take a special place in the discography of this famous band!" (Jazz Quad)

Queen's Carnival 2016

The Queen's Carnival (2016)

  1. Beyond Forever

  2. The Rescue

  3. You Really Got Me
    (Feat. Lucy Woodward)

  4. The Queen's Carnival

  5. Gorilla

  6. New Folk Song

  7. It's The Beat

  8. Slap Shot

  9. Lucky Seven

  10. You Really Got Me (Inst)

  11. Lullaby For Julesy

"A uniquely affecting work…impossibly memorable!” (No Depression)

“An inspired album…a work of ensemble genius!” (Music Existence)


Made In New York (2015)

  1. New York City Groove
    (Feat. Kat Robichaud)

  2. The Winner

  3. Around The Horn

  4. The Gift (Juliet's Song)

  5. Fire
    (Feat. Kat Robichaud)

  6. Boston Common

  7. Because She Said So (Live)

  8. Cakewalk For Debra (Live)

  9. New York City Groove (Inst)

“Fantastic!” (BVS Reviews)

"Very hot in every way!” (Jazz Quad)

"Fire 'is a spectacular single with a sleek, modern sound!' (All What’s Rock

TWENTY (Robert Miller) (2014)

  1. Studio One

  2. Spring Dance

  3. Cakewalk For Debra

  4. Because She Said So

  5. Five To Six

  6. Ode To Jerry

  7. Ma Petite Fleur

  8. Riding The Berks

  9. Heat

  10. Catch You Later

  11. Out Of Tahini

  12. Stinger

  13. Heat 2007

  14. Return Voyage

  15. Flat Busted

  16. Cannonball

"TWENTY is a fun-filled, retrospective romp!” (Jonathan Widran)

"TWENTY is an excellent résumé of twenty years of Robert Miller’s musical career!” (Michel’s Notes)

Spring Dance (2012)

  1. Spring Dance

  2. Joe Z

  3. Ma Petite Fleur

  4. Remember

  5. Catch You Later

  6. The Turn

  7. Flat Busted

  8. He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother

  9. Remember (Inst)

“PGS is full of talent and … has crafted an album that anyone will be sure to enjoy!” (Muzikreviews)

Play (2008)

  1. Studio One

  2. Because She Said So

  3. The Captain Of Her Heart (feat. Judie Tzuke)

  4. Riding The Berks

  5. Baal Hasulam

  6. Harry Knuckles

  7. Portrait Of Katie

  8. Out Of Tahini

  9. Shades Of Memories

  10. Heat 2007

  11. Ode To Jerry

  12. Doin' The Worm

  13. The Captain Of Her Heart (Inst)

"The grooves produced by Project Grand Slam are grand and reign supreme!” (Celebritycafe)

“Play will give you terminal joy from start to finish!” (Keith “Muzikman” Hannaleck)


 Prisoners of Love (The Robert Miller Group) (1996)

  1. Sami's Strut

  2. Euphoria

  3. Cannonball

  4. Heat

  5. Return Voyage

  6. Stx

  7. Stinger

  8. (It Happened On) Carrol St.

  9. Five To Six

  10. Viva Cachimba!

"Extremely hip, tight yet edgy" (All Music