PGS’ BEAUTY — Robert Miller’s Project Grand Slam, who release their fifth album The PGS Experience on June 30, held court Friday night at American Beauty in NYC. We’ve been tub thumping the band and their new record, which we feel is their strongest effort yet, drove right into the new album, starting with the vibrant “Metro Suffle,” then into “Gorilla” which remains a powerful track and then Miller’s re-imagined version of The Kinks “You Really Got Me,” with Ziarra Washington. The outfit, who were at the Ocho Rios Jazz Festival in Jamaica last weekend, is a tight, knit ensemble that simmers and burns with noted precision. Miller’s bass playing remains simply superb and the interplay between him and saxophonist Mario Castro is most striking. The band also has released as their initial single from the new album, a version of Phish’s “Free,” again with Washington on vocals and it proves a terrific live track. We also enjoyed “The Queen’s Carnival” and a stunning version of Jimi Hendrix’s “Fire.” Seen in the crowd were CEN’s Adam Pollock, POP Entertainment’s Brad Balfour and the Miller’s PR-team Gwen Toline and David Salidor. A superb show. Thanks to John Wisdom for the photos.