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 Robert Miller’s Project Grand Slam Reach Out to Celebs, Gun Violence Survivors for “Tree of Life” Project 

Celebrated jazz fusion group Robert Miller’s Project Grand Slam (PGS) has announced the launch of an all-star project designed to draw attention to the need for gun legislation reform in the United States. Miller, the bassist, composer, and mastermind of the group, is reaching out to celebrities and gun violence survivors to re-record his powerful anti-gun violence song, “Tree of Life.” 

The song, a haunting call for peace, was originally written and recorded in the aftermath of the 2018 massacre at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is slated to appear on the group’s upcoming album, PGS 7. In the meantime, Miller dreamed of a way to put his song into action – first offering it for use by gun reform groups before envisioning a “We Are the World”-style re-recording of the song. Miller’s hope is a campaign in which noteworthy singers and gun violence survivors may join forces in a compelling call to action. 

“I first composed ‘Tree of Life’ out of sheer heartbreak at the senselessness of the precious lives that were lost in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, as well as previous mass shootings,” said Miller. “As the number of mass shootings has grown in the weeks and months since then, I decided to find a way to use the song as a tool to help affect real change. As a country and a society, we can’t keep traveling this horrific track. As the lyrics to the song say, ‘We must find a better way – today.’ I hope celebrities lending their voices to this effort will help us do just that.” 

Listen to “Tree of Life” here.

Artists or individuals interested in taking part in the recording are encouraged to contact Dawn Kamerling at The Press House ( for more details.

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